Mommy And Baby Matching Outfits

Here at Brea’s Baby Boutique we are passionate about our baby clothing and we also like offer mommy’s some beautiful clothing.

We got to thinking how cute it would be to offer mommy and baby matching outfits. Can you imagine you and your baby going out together wearing identical clothing, how cute would that look?

Wearing matching outfits is already popular among couples who might go out wearing matching outfits like hoodies or shirts, t-shirts etc and enjoy showing off how romantic they are.

So, why don’t mommy’s and babies have their own matching clothing range? For the very young babies, we are looking at baby grows and a t-shirt in the same design for mommy, perhaps a long the lines of Best Mommy and Beautiful Baby or I’m Her Mommy, She’s My Baby/ Daughter.

At the moment we are considering some concepts for this line to add to our portfolio of clothing on offer. It is definitely one of those markets we would like to get into, really because they are just so cute. Obviously we will have mommy and son and we won’t want to leave out daddy, so we can design daddy and daughter, daddy and son, daddy and baby¬† and so on.

We hope you will look forward to the new designs and are excited as much as we are about wearing them.